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We use the full line of YonKa skin care and specialized facials to offer exceptional skin care. Yon-Ka draws from essential oils, fruit and plant extracts, and marine actives to create personalized aroma-therapeutic skincare that delivers spectacular results. Over 130 plants from all over the world are used to create Yon-Ka products, which target the specific needs of each individual and restore the skin's vital energy and balance.


Age Defense By Yonka

Le Grande Classique


Customized One Hour Facial

This deep pore cleansing and restoring facial is the first step in the Yon-Ka facial series. Your skin will be deeply cleansed in 5 phases, then custom serums, creams and masques will be used for your skin type and condition. A great place to begin your Yon-Ka experience, or any time your skin needs a deep cleanse.


75 min / $95


This facial includes a 4 step deep cleanse, similar to the Grande Classique, without any extractions. Your esthetician will use custom serums, creams and a masque for your skin type, leaving it radiant and hydrated. Excellent for all skin types.


60 min/ $85




Vital Defense


This high performance hydrating facial smoothes and softens the skin, with two masks, including the Double Hydrating Mask. It offers long-lasting deep hydration after sun-exposure, seasonal changes and for all dehydrated skin types.


60 min / $90


This anti-aging prevention facial offers anti-oxidant and anti-pollution protection. This is particularly for younger skin (25-40) to combat the signs of aging caused by the stresses of living.


60 min / $90


Jivana Signature Rejuvenation Facial


Back Facial

This custom facial includes everything in the 60 min facial, while adding a second customized masque, serums, and creams according to your skins needs. There is also a foot massage and warm, organic shea butter foot masque to bring balance to the whole body. You will feel rejuvenated and your skin will glow with radiant health!


90 min / $125


This back treatment includes all of the steps of a deep pore cleansing facial, including a therapeutic back massage.


55 min / $80


Yonka Express


Cleanse and rejuvenate your skin when time is of the essence!


40 min / $60




Age Correction By Yonka





This exceptional and remarkably effective facial uses fruit acids to refine the skin's texture. This natural resurfacing treatment diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, as it brightens and hydrates the skin. It can be done in a single treatment as a "brightening beauty flash" or as a course of 4 treatments for a deeper anti-aging effect.


75 min / $110

Series 4 $375


This toning anti-aging facial will lift and firm the skin with effective stimulating and anti-wrinkle techniques. This is excellent for skins lacking resiliency and also following weight loss. Beneficial as a single treatment, and also recommended as a course of 4 treatments.


75 min / $110


Excellence Code


Time Resist Facial Treatment

This Facial is an exceptional high performance anti-aging treatment which acts on all signs of aging increasing skins firmness, elasticity, reducing pigmentation and brightening the complexion. Clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles, increases skin radiance, has a lifting effect & redefines the facial contours. Peptides, specialized massage techniques, plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and powerful natural herbs and essential oils combine for an exceptional experience.


75 min / $165


This new redensifying, wrinkle filler and anti-fatigue treatment was developed to meet specific needs for women aged 45-55. This protocol combines manual techniques and TIME RESIST products, with «youth activation» agents: - a highly concentrated peel to boost cell renewal - a sensory mask with an immediate and long-lasting firming effect - a special Yon-Ka anti-aging massage This essential addition combines effectiveness with total well-being. Used alone or in cure of 4 treatments.


75 min / $130




Smoothing anti- wrinkle and re-structuring treatment. For all skin types that have soft or deep wrinkles. Can be enjoyed on its own or as a part of a course of 4 treatments.


75 min / $110




Advanced Holistic Skincare

Bella Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is the most effective, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment available. A spray of crystals is directed onto the skin at a high velocity and then immediately vacuumed away, removing the top layer of dead skin cells. The fresh skin below is exposed, creating a glowing new complexion. You can return to normal activity immediately, unlike the more invasive chemical peels or laser procedures. One treatment is equivalent to three 30% consecutive glycolic acid peels.

We use the Bella device, made by the same doctor who created the first micro-dermabrasion machine. Microdermabrasion can be effective in reducing the appearance of:

• Hyper-pigmentation and age spots

• Fine Lines and Winkles

• Acne Scars

• Blending Post-Laser areas

• Sun Damage 

• Enlarged Pores

Results are noticeable from the first treatment, however several sessions are recommended, and are typically scheduled 2 to 3 weeks apart. Your esthetician will discuss with you the recommended number of sessions for optimal results.

The treatment includes customized cleanse, serums, masque, and creams.


60 min / $145


Micro-current Non-Surgical “Face Lift” Treatment

This unique method of electro-muscle stimulation will reprogram and tone the muscle fiber, while it tightens loose skin. After a series of treatments there is noticeable diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles, with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Benefits of Micro-current therapy
• Tightens, tones, and lifts the facial muscles that support the skin tissue
• Improves appearance of jaw line
• Uplifts and tones facial contours
• Facilitates the penetration of products to the dermis and epidermis
• Stimulates new cell development
• Increases elasticity

For best results, we recommend 6 to 12 weekly treatments, depending upon your skin type. Maintenance services are recommended monthly for longevity of results. Typically clients will notice a 5 to 7 year reduction in facial aging. Contraindications include pregnancy, seizure disorder, pacemaker or active cancer.


Bio-Ultimate Age Defying Facial


The Ultimate in facial revitalization without surgery, the Bio-Ultimate Age Defying Facial is a complete and comprehensive service that targets fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity, and offers intense hydration.


60 min / $145
Series 6 $825   Series 10 $1300


LED Light Therapy

A revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment, light therapy is one of the safest, quickest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger looking skin. Based upon NASA research, it stimulates the production of ATP, the fuel that powers life at a cellular level.

Unlike laser treatments, LED treatments are non-thermal, non-aggressive and non-invasive. LED is a safe, painless, relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne. LED therapy has no downtime and offers instant results.

Benefits of LED 

• Improves skin texture and tone
• Treats mild to moderate acne; rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
• Diminishes fine lines/wrinkles
• Reduces age spots, hyper-pigmentation, scars and sun damage
• Gives a vibrant, healthier-looking skin


LED Light Facial


LED Light Therapy Enhancement

Includes the essential steps of our custom facial, with 30 minute LED light therapy.


60 min / $100


Add-on to any facial treatment.


20 min / $45


Ayurvedic Treatments

Rejuvenating Facial


Ayurvedic Express


A head to toe facial and massage experience designed to transcend the everyday and take you to a place where beauty radiates from a deeply nourished and peaceful place. Using techniques rooted in Ayurveda, India’s ancient traditional medicine, the purpose of the treatment is to pacify the whole body with warm oil and rhythmic massage strokes on the back, scalp, arms and hands, legs and feet. This facial includes an herbal oil scalp massage as well as a balancing foot treatment. This facial is suitable for all skin types and individual attention will be given to imbalances. Extractions and steam can be optional.


75 min / $95


A gently cleansing and balancing facial designed to rejuvenate all skin types. This facial includes a gentle exfoliation, a honey and clay mask and herbal facial and hair oils. In less then an hour, this facial offers a time to reset and reclaim beauty.


45 min / $60


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